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Distinguished Alumni Nomination Packet

It is time to nominate deserving candidates for the 2019 LCHS Distinguished Alumni Award!  If you know of a Lee County High School alum who meets the criteria found on the first page of the packet, we hope you will consider nomination one or more people for this prestigious award.  A copy of the nomination packet may be found below, or may be found at the Lee County Chamber of Commerce, Lee County High School front office, the Lee County Panoptic website (, the Lee County Family Connection website (, and the Lee County Chamber website:  Nomination packets may also be requested by emailing Lisa Davis ( or Bill Turoski (   

Deadline for all nominations is June 1, 2019. Thank you for your participation in the Distinguished Alumni selection process! 

 Click HERE to download the nomination form. 

Special Education Parent Survey

Each year, parents of students with disabilities are asked to participate in the Georgia Department of Education's Parent Satisfaction Survey.  This survey helps to determine parents’ perception of the success of parent engagement between the local school and themselves.  The data collected is reported in the state's Annual Performance Report for Lee County Schools and will be used to improve the special education program. If you are the parent of a student receiving special education services in Lee County, please complete the survey below. There are 10 questions on the survey and all responses will remain anonymous.

Direct link to the 2019 Parent Satisfaction Survey:

2018-2019 Needs Assessment Survey of the Perceived Needs of Homeless Children and Youth in Lee County

As participants involved in this assessment process, you will become aware that there are issues that create barriers for homeless children and youth in our school environment.   The Homeless Liaison will compile the results from this survey and make every effort to address the identified needs when working with homeless children and youth.  Policies and procedures addressing these identified needs will be put into practice, which will then will be followed as instructed by the laws of the McKinney- Vento Homeless Education Act.  The most frequently occurring needs that appear on the surveys should support what Lee County Schools already recognize as barriers for low school success.  Thank you for your input. 

Click HERE for the survey.

School Choice for 2019-2020

Under state law (O.C.G.A 20-2-2131), parents may request a transfer to another public school within their school district. This school choice option is only available to students who are currently enrolled in pre-kindergarten through seventh grade. In the event that transfer requests exceed the capacity of the school, requests will be approved or denied on the basis of a lottery. If a parent requests a transfer to a school that does not have services required by the student's current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP), or other special services, the school is not required to offer these special services as long as they are available within the school district. Students requesting this transfer must stay in good academic standing and not have any behavior problems for the duration of the request.


School Choice Request Form


*IF approved, I understand I am responsible for transporting my child to and from the selected school - LCSS Bus Transportation may not be used.

*I understand I that this transfer is good until the student completes all grades at that school.    At the end of each level (primary/elementary) you will apply for School Choice for the next year.


If a transfer is desired for the 2019-2020 school year, the completed form must be submitted by 3:00pm on March 29, 2019.  

Board of Education Meetings

All Board of Education meetings are advertised in advance and publicized through local media and the school system web site. Board meetings are open to the public unless designated as Executive Session, where the School Board must convene in private to discuss legal or personnel items, and/or land acquisition.

Board meetings are video recorded and can be found here. (Videos are located under minutes heading).

LCSS Community Stakeholder Feedback


Please follow the link provided in order to complete a survey that will assist the Lee County School System in our annual Comprehensive Needs Assessment. This will help us to evaluate our Special Education and federal programs, as well as overall school and district effectiveness.

We appreciate your partnership as we work in a continuous effort to educate the whole child and improve our schools and district. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Susan Manry, Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction, at 229-903-2100 or

Survey Link


Board approved flyers can be viewed here.

LCSS School Report Card