Lee County Board of Education

Index of Board Policy Sections

ASchool District Organization
BSchool Board Operations
CGeneral School Administration
DFiscal Management
EBusiness Management
FFacility Expansion Program
IInstructional Programs
KGeneral Public Relations
LInterorganizational Relations (Except Education Agencies)
MRelations with Other Education Agencies
Policies Under Review

School District Organization

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
AFCEmergency Closings10/18/04
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School Board Operations

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
BBABoard Officers10/18/04
BBFALocal School Councils10/18/04
BCACSpecial Board Meetings10/18/04
BCBIPublic Participation in Board Meetings10/18/04
BDPolicy Development10/18/04
BHBoard Operations: Code of Ethics12/13/10
BHABoard Member Conflict of Interest12/13/10
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General School Administration

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
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Fiscal Management

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
DCAnnual Operating Budget10/18/04
DCLFund Balance7/18/11
DFCFederal Funds5/9/16
DFKGifts and Bequests6/13/05
DFMEquipment and Supplies Sales10/18/04
DIBFinancial Reports and Statements03/14/11
DIEFraud Prevention5/9/16
DJAChecking Accounts10/18/04
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Business Management

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
EBDEnergy Conservation8/13/07
EDCTransportation Safety10/18/04
EDDASpecial Use of School Buses8/10/15
EEFood Service Management10/18/04
EEEWellness Program2/10/15
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Facility Expansion Program

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
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PolicyTitleAdopted Date
GAAAEqual Opportunity Discriminatory Complaints Procedure4/13/15
GADProfessional Development Opportunities5/8/17
GAEComplaints and Grievances9/12/16
GAKCriminal Background Check12/13/04
GALSalary Deductions11/14/11
GAMStaff Rights and Responsibilities Drug Free Workforce12/13/04
GANUse of Tobacco2/10/14
GANACommunicable Diseases3/12/12
GBCProfessional Personnel Recruitment8/12/13
GBIProfessional Personnel Evaluation12/13/04
GAKAReduction in Force8/13/12
GBRCTeacher Workload12/13/04
GBRILeaves and Absences11/14/11
GBRIGFederal Family and Medical Leave Act12/13/04
GBRIHSick Leave Bank9/11/06
GCRAControlled Substance and Alcohol Testing12/13/04
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PolicyTitleAdopted Date
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Instructional Programs

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
ICFCurriculum Adoption2/14/05
IDBComprehensive Health & Physical Education Program3/14/05
IDECompetitive Interscholastic Activities, Grades 6-123/14/05
IDFAGender Equity in Sports6/13/05
IDFBInterscholastic Activities Sportsmanship3/14/05
IEDScheduling for Instruction7/19/10
IEDAUnstructured Break Time3/14/05
IFAA-RInstructional Materials Selection and Recommendation10/24/16
IFABMedia Programs: Use of Video Tapes and Other Media3/14/05
IFBDMedia Center3/14/05
IFCBField Trips and Excursions3/14/05
IFGBInternet Safety11/14/11
IHAGrading Systems Minimum Passing Score3/14/05
IHE-RPromotion, Placement and Retention5/8/17
IHF(4)Graduation Requirements10/1/96
IHF(5)Graduation Requirements3/14/05
IHF(6)Graduation Requirements5/8/17
IKDPledge of Allegiance to the Flag3/14/05
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PolicyTitleAdopted Date
JAAEqual Opportunity Discriminatory Complaints Procedure4/13/15
JBCSchool Admissions10/24/16
JBC(1)School Admissions- Homeless11/14/16
JBC(4)Acceptance of Transfer Credit7/13/15
JCDAStudent Conduct5/8/17
JGCStudent Health Services5/16/05
JGFStudent Safety5/16/05
JGF(2)Seclusion or Restraint of Student10/18/10
JGFBSupervision of Students (Heat Policy)10/8/07
JGFGBConcussion Management8/12/13
JGIChild Abuse or Neglect7/13/15
JGJASuicide Prevention9/15/15
JKASolicitation of Students8/8/11
JRStudent Records2/13/17
JRAStudent Data Privacy Complaints2/13/17
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General Public Relations

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
KGUse of School Facilities6/13/05
KG-RUse of School Facilities Procedure2/13/17
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Interorganizational Relations (Except Education Agencies)

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
LEBAParental Involvement in Education6/13/05
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Relations with Other Education Agencies

PolicyTitleAdopted Date
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Policies Under Review

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