Teacher Retirement Information

  • The purpose of this page is to provide information and link for Lee County School System employees to find out about the Georgia Teacher's Retirement System. For more information about this system, please visit their website at www.trsga.com

Downloads available from the Georgia Teacher's Retirement System

Why does the Lee County Board of Education only have my leave records back until 1992?
Until recent legislation, leave records were only maintained for seven years. We are now required to keep this information indefinitely, but at the time of legislation we only had records back until 1992.
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What happens to my leave that I forfeit?
Most employees can accumulate up to 60 days of leave. Our records indicate all forfeited leave back until 1992. This information is given to TRS once you retire. TRS will give you credit for all leave that you forfeit from these records. TRS will also extrapolate from these records an estimated amount of leave that was forfeited prior to 1992.
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