Kinchafoone Primary School

Kinchafoonee Primary School

School Information

  • 295 Leslie Highway
  • Leesburg, GA 31763 (map)

  • Phone:229-903-2200
  • Fax:229-903-2218
  • Office Hours: 7:45am - 3:45pm

Our Mission

Provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

School Facts

  • Approximate number of Students: ~700
  • Number of teachers: ~50
  • Number of classrooms: 54
  • Amenities:Outdoor Classroom

About Us

  • The teachers and staff at KPS are the best! We all work together to make sure each student is achieving his or her best! We are a great team! KPS is devoted to making a fun, safe, and exciting learning environment for all of our students. We won the Bronze Award from the State Department of Education for our achievement on the CRCT for 2 consecutive years (2009, 2010). We are so proud of all of our students’ and teachers’ accomplishments!!

Our History

  • Year school opened:1996
  • The land used to be a working plantation. The owners of the plantation are buried in a small cemetery right behind the school. Dudley Sneed was the owner. He was also on the first Board of Education for the first school in Lee County.
  • Kinchafoonee Primary School opened in December of 1996 and originally schooled pre-K through 3rd grades. Now it houses Kindergarten through 2nd grade. In the 2006-2007 school year, KPS built a new wing for the 2nd graders. They moved in for the 2007-2008 school year.