What is PBIS?

 Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is a general term that refers to the application of positive interventions and system changes to achieve socially important behavior change.  It is based on a problem-solving model and aims to prevent inappropriate behavior through teaching and reinforcing appropriate behaviors.


Trojans “ROCK” (Respect Ownership Caution Knowledge)


Role of the team


PBIS Interventions



6th grade: Ashley Hancock and Alicia Gordon

7th grade: Dawn Harrell, Danielle Rudd, and Lisa Collins

8th grade: Hannah Spencer and Carrie Pierce

Connections: Marri Haggerty and Deanna Weber

Media Specialist: Kim Goodson

Counselor: Haley Miller

Administrator: Rhett Grant

Coach: Lesley Smith



LCMS-E PBIS Reward System


Students who have NO marks on their behavior card or on the missing assignment page in their student agenda during the 2 week period will receive a reward from administration.



Students who have NO referrals and ≤ 3 unexcused absences during the 4 ˝ week period will have the opportunity to choose an activity of their choice listed below:

*Sporting Event (TBD)

*Outside Time- Free Play w/ Friends

*Technology Pass for Music or Gaming (NO SOCIAL MEDIA)



Students who have NO referrals constituting ISS or OSS and ≤ 10 absences during the year will have the opportunity to attend an ALL DAY end-of-year bash.  There will be various inflatables and water activities. Students will have a picnic lunch and concessions will be available.

PBIS Individual Reward System

Students will be rewarded points for displaying positive behavior throughout the school all year. Students who reach a certain amount of points will be put into a drawing where they can win numerous prizes including but are not limited to:

*Free Snack/Ice Cream

*Free Homework Pass

*Eat Lunch with a Friend

* Free Ticket to a Lee County Sporting Event

**Behavior incidents and absence requirements will start over at the end of every 4 ˝ weeks. (Progress Reports and Report Cards)







LCMS-E PBIS National Holidays



8 - Happiness Happens Day (Wednesday)

16 - Tell a Joke Day (Thursday)

22 - Be an Angel Day (Wednesday)

31 - Eat Outside Day (Friday)



4 - Extra Dessert Day - Brownies (Tuesday)

14 - Hug Your Hound Day - Send Picture to Mrs. Goodson (Friday)

18 - Rice Krispie Treat Day (Tuesday)

26 - Love Note Day (Wednesday)



5 - World Smile Day - Send Picture to Mrs. Goodson (Friday)

9 - Curious Event Day (Tuesday)

17 - Wear Something Gaudy Day - within dress code (Wednesday)

25 - Sour Day - Bring Your Favorite Sour Candy to School (Thursday)

31 - Magic Day (Wednesday)



8 - Tongue Twister Day (Thursday)

13 - World Kindness Day (Tuesday)

29 - Electronic Greeting Card Day (Thursday)



7 - Letter Writing Day (Friday)

11 - National APP Day (Tuesday)

20 - National Ugly Sweater Day (Thursday)