What is PBIS?


Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is a general term that refers to the application of positive interventions and system changes to achieve socially important behavior change.  It is based on a problem-solving model and aims to prevent inappropriate behavior through teaching and reinforcing appropriate behaviors.


Role of the team

  • Monitor the implementation of the PBIS program
  • Review discipline data and develop interventions to address specific school needs
  • Organize school-wide reward activities
  • Provide classroom support to teachers


PBIS Interventions

  • Student and Teacher Mentor Programs
  • Counseling sessions
  • Team building activities
  • Monthly school-wide behavioral lesson plans
  • Student and Teacher recognition ( Rockstars, Student of the Month, Teacher of the Month)
  • Assistance with classroom management or managing a specific student’s behavior
  • Teacher training of the RTI process
  • Resource intervention banks to address the behavioral needs of students
  • Behavior Intervention Plans for students as needed


Our LCMS-E Team:

6th grade: Erin Peavy  & Sherry Exum

7th grade: Dawn Harrell, Leah Edalgo, Lisa Collins

8th grade: Hannah Spencer

Connections: Marri Haggerty

Title: Nikita Rayner

Counselor: Haley Miller

Administrator: Rhett Grant

Coach: Erin Peavy


Trojans “ROCK” – Respect Ownership Caution Knowledge


  • ROCK is the teaching/learning component of our PBIS program.
  • The Rock framework addresses appropriate students behavior in different school environments.
  • ROCK rubrics are posted throughout the school to remind students of appropriate behavior in different locations.


Reward System:

  • Rewards are based on office referrals and attendance each nine weeks.
  • 2 week reward: choice ticket
  • Mid-Term reward at 4 ˝ weeks: intramural sports
  • 6 week reward: choice ticket
  • 9 week reward: intramural sports
  • Semester Reward: school-wide event