Parent Connection

Parent Connection is a group of parents who each have at least one child with an IEP in a Lee County School. These parents were nominated annually by the principal of each campus to meet with the Director of Special Education four times per school year. The focus of this group is to increase communication with parents about educational issues in Lee County. Parents participating in Parent Connection agree to have their names and email addresses listed on this webpage. All parents are encouraged to communicate concerns or suggestions with special education staff or with parents from Parent Connection representing the appropriate school.

Dana Townsend
Lee County Pre-Kindergarten Program

Lee County Primary
Traci Henry
Kinchafoonee Primary
Robert Pinnero
Lee County Elementary
Lisa Carlstrom
Twin Oaks Elementary
Melissa Schwoebel
Lee County Middle
Melinda Newberry
Lee County Ninth Grade Campus
Stephanie Braswell
Lee County High School

Transitional Learning Center
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