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9th grade Boys

8th grade Boys


Football in Lee County is played according to the bylaws put forth by the GHSA.  Lee County offers varsity, JV, 9th grade and 8th grade football teams.  Kids younger than 8th grade may participate in the Lee County Recreation football program.  The varsity team plays a 10 game schedule.  For more information please visit our website

Practice and Season: 
Football is a fall sport.  Contact Coach Fabrizio or visit our website for more information.           


Varsity Football Schedule

JV and Freshman Football Schedule (not available at this time)

LCMS East Football Schedule (not available at this time)

LCMS West Football Schedule (not available at this time)


Head Coach

 Dean Fabrizio

(229) 903-2288

Assistant Coaches
Jason Butler  
John Flath  
James Kremer  
Rusty Waters  
Rick Carr  
Condre Payne  
Ryne Strickland  
Jeff Hunter  
Will McPherson  
Masai Dalton  
Freshman Coaches
Trey Green Head Freshman Coach
Kaion Hamilton  
Ronnie Rich  
Cody Kremer  
Derik McDowell  
Jonta Jones  
Lee County Middle School West
Gordy Bonner Head Coach
Bill Riddle Assistant Coach
Dalton Smith Assistant Coach
Trey Haynes Assistant Coach
Lee County Middle School East
 Russ Hayes  Head Coach
 Taurean Batten  Assistant Coach
William Cofield  Assistant Coach
Cory Schabek  Assistant Coach