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The LCHS Track Team consists of male and female athletes in grades 9-12. Athletes train to compete in sprints, distance, jumps, hurdles, relays, and other field events. The official practice for the boys and girls begin in January.  

Practice and Season:      

Practice will be held daily at the LCHS Track Facility from 3:30-5:00. Daily training includes dynamic warm-up, weight training, and specific event practice. LCHS track members participate in local and out-of-town track meets from March through May.        

Contact information:   

Head Coach: Condre' Payne


Athletic Director: Hank Wright, Principal: Karen Hancock                    


2020 Schedule not available at this time

Fundraiser Information:

Track and Field Fruit Sale/October

Track and Field Sheet/Linens Sale


Condre' Payne Head Boys Coach
Rick Carr Head Girls Coach
Kaion Hamilton Assistant Coach
Greg Green Assistant Coach
Trey Green Middle School Boys Coach
Russ Hayes Middle School Girls Coach