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Lee County Wrestling programs, both middle and high school, are also members of the Trojans Wrestling Club. Information regarding the Lee County High School wrestling can be found on the Lee County Wrestling Facebook page.

Trojans Wrestling Club:

Trojans Wrestling Club is for all interested youth ages 5-19.  Trojans Club houses a variety of skill levels for beginners to returning state placers.  It is designed to provide the basic instructions necessary to be successful in wrestling.

Wrestling puts mental toughness and a fearless, confident attitude in your life – Fear, confidence and attitude are all learned behaviors. If they weren’t, then everybody would have the same personality. You will discover that much of what you’ll get out of the wrestling room, you can use in the boardroom, the classroom and the living room. The type of skills that you'll need to bounce back from life's true tests: fear, failure and disappointment. Wrestling can teaching you how to work through physical and mental pain and exhaustion, how to set goals and reach them and how to make failure your learning curve for success. Through wrestling, kids develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and most importantly, confidence in their abilities. These attributes are the basis of all competitive sports. Wrestling will help your child excel in other sports such as football, soccer, track and much more.

You'll never be in better shape in your life - A fully conditioned wrestler is the most aerobically fit athlete of any sport. With cat-like precision and explosive power, a wrestler executes a burst of energy every 4 to 6 seconds during a match...You don't necessarily need separate workouts for cardio, strength, endurance and agility because you get all of that in a single wrestling practice...Just one workout with multiple benefits. Anything you do after wrestling season is easy!

Practice and Season:      

Winter Sport.

Practices:        In Season:        3:45-5:45 Mon - Fri

                        Off Season:      5:00 - 7:00 pm Mon, Tues, Thur

                        Trojan Club:   6:30 – 7:30 pm Mon, Thur

Contact information:      

Head Coach: Tom Matheny

Trojan Wrestling Club:

Head Coach: Tom Matheny


2019-2020 Wrestling schedule


Tom Matheny Head Coach
Chris Morton Assistant Coach
Derrick Rutland Middle School Coach