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Final Exam Schedule

Tuesday, December 17

7th period 1:10-2:52 FINAL EXAM

Wednesday, December 18

1st period 8:02-9:48 FINAL EXAM
2nd period 9:53-11:28 FINAL EXAM
3rd period 11:33-1:21 Review and Lunch
4th period 1:26-2:52 Review

Thursday, December 19

3rd period 8:02-9:48 FINAL EXAM
4th period 9:53-11:28 FINAL EXAM
5th period 11:33-1:21 Review and Lunch
6th period 1:26-2:52 Review

Friday, December 20

5th period 8:02-9:48 FINAL EXAM
6th period 9:53-11:28 FINAL EXAM


Obtain Youth Work Permits Online

To obtain a work permit, go to www.dol.state.ga.us. Instructions for completing the form are here 

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