LCMS East Media Center

Welcome to our Media Center! Last Updated: 7/29/2020 10:43 PM

Our Media Center

The Lee County Middle School East Media Center is home to approximately 7,000 books, periodicals, and reference items as well as non-print items such as DVDs, audio books, and equipment. The media center is open daily from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. when school is in session. Students are welcome to visit the library before first bell, during the school day with teacher's permission, and after school as well. Arrangements can be made for teachers and students to use the media center past regular hours for research and special projects. The teen space is available for students to enjoy when their teachers allow them to visit as a form of reward. Books are available for them to look at, and there is a variety of games for them to enjoy. (Please note that due to Covid-19, our regular media center hours will be different.)

Checking out books

Students may have up to 2 books checked out at a time. Books are due back 2 weeks after they are checked out. Fines for overdue books are $.05 per day. Students must pay for any lost or damaged books. Students may request that certain titles be put on hold. (Please note that due to Covid-19, library checkout might be different.)

Online Library Catalog

Our library uses the Destiny online library system. Library patrons may search for books in our library collection from any Internet- connected computer. Searches may be done by book title, author’s name, subject, or keyword. Because it is web-based, the library catalog may also be accessed from home computers.

Link to online collection search

Our Staff

  • Pam Johnson, Media Specialist
  • Deanna Wiggins, Media Assistant

Additional Services

  • Teachers may sign up to bring an entire class to the library for research, media skills lessons, and assistance on major projects.
  • Students may use the copy machine at a cost of $.10 per page.
  • The media staff is available to help students and teachers with materials, presentations, videotaping, and technology glitches.
  • Internet Use Policy
  • Library Catalog

Dr. Johnson and Mrs. Wiggins

Media Center Staff