Board Policy

Last Updated: 3/8/2019 7:05 PM

School District Organization

Policy Title Adopted Date
AFC Emergency Closings 10/18/04


School Board Operations

Policy Title Adopted Date
BBA Board Officers 10/18/04
BBFA Local School Councils 10/18/04
BCAC Special Board Meetings 10/18/04
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings 10/18/04
BD Policy Development 10/18/04
BH Board Operations: Code of Ethics 12/13/10
BHA Board Member Conflict of Interest 12/13/10
BHB Nepotism 8/8/11


General School Administration

Policy Title Adopted Date


Fiscal Management

Policy Title Adopted Date
DC Annual Operating Budget 10/18/04
DCL Fund Balance 7/18/11
DFC Federal Funds 5/9/16
DFK Gifts and Bequests 6/13/05
DFM Equipment and Supplies Sales 10/18/04
DIB Financial Reports and Statements 03/14/11
DIE Fraud Prevention 5/9/16
DJA Checking Accounts 10/18/04
DJE Purchasing 5/8/17


Business Management

Policy Title Adopted Date
EBD Energy Conservation 8/13/07
EDC Transportation Safety 10/18/04
EDDA Special Use of School Buses 8/10/15
EE Food Service Management 10/18/04
EEE Wellness Program 2/10/15


Facility Expansion Program

Policy Title Adopted Date





Policy Title Adopted Date


Instructional Programs



Policy Title Adopted Date
JAA Equal Opportunity Discriminatory Complaints Procedure 4/13/15
JBC School Admissions 10/24/16
JBC(1) School Admissions- Homeless 11/14/16
JBC(4) Acceptance of Transfer Credit 7/13/15
JCDA Student Conduct 5/8/17
JCDAE Weapons 6/13/16
JCDAG Bullying 6/13/16
JGC Student Health Services 5/16/05
JGCD Medications 6/13/16
JGF Student Safety 5/16/05
JGF(2) Seclusion or Restraint of Student 10/18/10
JGFB Supervision of Students (Heat Policy) 10/8/07
JGFGB Concussion Management 8/12/13
JGI Child Abuse or Neglect 7/13/15
JGJA Suicide Prevention 9/15/15
JKA Solicitation of Students 8/8/11
JR Student Records 2/13/17
JRA Student Data Privacy Complaints 2/13/17


General Public Relations

Policy Title Adopted Date
KG Use of School Facilities 6/13/05
KG-R Use of School Facilities Procedure 2/13/17


Interorganizational Relations (Except Education Agencies)

Policy Title Adopted Date
LEBA Parental Involvement in Education 6/13/05


Relations with Other Education Agencies

Policy Title Adopted Date


Policies Under Review

Policy Title