Social Services

Last Updated: 9/22/2022 12:06 PM

Lisa Bailey

Social Services Coordinator/School Attendance Office: 229-903-2100

My job is to accept referrals offered by anyone who might have a concern about a child in any area of daily life.

I am called upon to assist children when there is possible child abuse, neglect, health problems, attendance issues, mental health
issues, discipline issues, etc. I then investigate the referrals, determine the method by which we can be of the most assistance to
the child (from within the school, by involvement with a Federal, State, or County agency, with help from the private sector, or
whatever avenue is available to help this child and/or family).

Child abuse cases, suicidal and homicidal threats, family violence or any other case which involves a child’s immediate safety, must
be acted upon in an extremely timely manner.

I oversee the Registrar and student enrollment- especially homeless youth and foster children. I ensure barriers are lifted for them to
ensure easy transition.

Participate in tribunals – assist with the MTSS process and PBIS.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resources


The Lee County School System takes school attendance very seriously. We have a local policy outlining how we address school absenteeism Code of Conduct. We also have a Student Attendance and School Climate Protocol. If a student has missed the maximum number of days from school in grades 6-12 and there are extenuating medical circumstances then they can file an appeal Attendance and Appeal Procedures.

Homeless and Foster Youth

Child Abuse/Neglect

Georgia law and local protocol states employees of the Lee County School System report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect to an administrator/designee or their supervisor (click here for policy).

Homebound Instruction (HMB)

What is Hospital/Homebound Instruction?
The Hospital/Homebound Program is a service for students who are physically unable to attend school for a period of ten (10) days or more.

Who would be qualified for service?

  • Any Lee County student who has a physical condition medically diagnosed by a licensed physician, which restricts them to their home or a hospital. 
    The hospital/homebound referral form must be completed in its entirety and returned to the attendance office, the principal, or designee at the school attended. This includes the medical certification section of the form, which is completed by the student's doctor. Once completed, Homebound Coordinator (Lisa Bailey) will determine whether or not the student is eligible for hospital/homebound services.
  • Student Eligibility for Homebound
  • Homebound Instruction (HMB) FAQ

Home Study Program

The Lee County School System (District) recognizes that parents or guardians may teach their children at home in a home study program which meets the requirements of state law.

Withdrawing a student to enter home study program:

  • When a parent/guardian requests a local school to withdraw his/her child for the purpose of entering a Home Study Program, the school should:
    1. Refer the parent/guardian to the Georgia Department of Education website to obtain Intent form and
    2. Inform the parent/guardian that if a student withdraws during the semester, he/she will lose credit for all courses enrolled for the semester.
  • The parent/guardian must withdraw his/her child from the Lee County School System after the Declaration of Intent has been completed- a copy must be given to the school upon withdrawal.

Entering a student in a local school from home study:

  • Elementary/Middle School (Grades K-8):
    1. All students entering an elementary or middle school from a Home Study Program shall be evaluated for placement based on the following criteria:
      1. State Board of Education policy/local policy relating to entrance into kindergarten or first grade
      2. Chronological age based on a certifiable document.
      3. Performance on standardized tests and/or instructional placement tests.
      4. Age, physical size, social and emotional maturity levels of the student.
    2. After reviewing the above criteria the local school shall place the student in the appropriate grade level. A review of the placement will be conducted after six weeks to determine final placement.
  • High School Students (Grades 9-12):
    1. All students entering high school from a Home Study Program shall be admitted and evaluated for placement based on the guidelines found in local policy regarding receiving credit from Non-accredited Schools or/Home Schools as provided in Board Policy JBC(4) (Acceptance of Transfer Credit).
    2. The student/parent will present a transcript of work done in the Home Study Program to the school at the time of registration. The transcript should include the specific names, numeric grades earned, and the number of clock hours of instruction for each course.
    3. Students who have been enrolled in the Home Study Program must pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test, and applicable End of Course Tests, as well as meet State of Georgia and District graduation requirements before a diploma will be issued.
    4. Eligibility for extra-curricular participation is the same for home study students entering the system as that required of all students.

How to Request a Certificate of Attendance:

  • To request a Certificate of Attendance for homeschool students that are eligible for a driver's license, learner's permit, work permit, or as needed for other purposes, please contact