Academics and Curriculum

Kinchafoonee Primary School follows the curriculum mandated by the state of Georgia. See this site for more information:

We have standards based classrooms at KPS. The report cards are Standards Based as well. Please see the grading scale below.

Grading Scale for Standards-Based Report Cards

The standards-based report card uses numerical indicators of student performance to indicate progress on the grade level standards each quarter. They are as follows:

  • 4--Exceeds standards
  • 3--Consistently and independently achieves the standard
  • 2--Progressing toward achievement of the standard
  • 1--Limited or minimum progress toward achievement of the standard

The teachers and staff at KPS are the best!

We all work together to make sure each student is achieving his or her best! We are a great team! KPS is devoted to making a fun, safe, and exciting learning environment for all of our students.