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Last Updated: 9/29/2020 2:25 PM

School Information

Lee County High School 10-12 Campus

Lee County High School is located in Leesburg, GA. For the school year 2018-19, LCHS serves a total of 1333 students, consisting of 3% Hispanic, 4% Asian, 25% African American, 65% Caucasian, and 3% Multiracial students. The school is a Title I targeted/assisted school with 48% females, 52% males, and 40% economically disadvantaged students.

The staff includes five full-time administrators (plus two additional administrators at 49%), 80 teachers, ten paraprofessionals, four counselors, two media specialists, seven secretaries, one resource officer, one school nurse, ten cafeteria workers and eight custodians. A speech and language pathologist and an ESOL teacher are also in the building for part of the day.

Students are offered numerous opportunities for elective choices including Spanish, Personal Fitness, Journalism, Visual Arts, Band, Chorus, and Theatre. Career, Technical, and Agricultural Educational pathways are offered in Culinary, Marketing, Business, Education, Public Safety, Metals, Healthcare Science, Agriculture, Electrical, ROTC, and Construction. Lee County High School also has two Industry Certified programs in the areas of Carpentry and Metals. Students can also earn elective credit by participating in the LCHS Work-Based Learning program.

In addition to the traditional high school academic classes, students have the opportunity to earn college or high school credit through the dual enrollment program, Virtual School program, or through AP coursework. Students may complete dual enrollment courses on LCHS campus or at the college location. Georgia Southwestern, Albany State University, and Albany Technical College professors teach classes on the LCHS campus. Additional college credit is offered through several Advanced Placement (AP) courses in each academic area. Currently, LCHS is one of forty-four high schools in Georgia offering the AP Capstone Diploma. This summer, college board announced 63 LCHS students as AP scholars based on multiple AP standards

A number of academic intervention programs are used to address the varying needs of our students. These programs include special education, ESOL program, Extended Learning Time (ELT) for remediation / enrichment, Saturday School, remedial support classes in both math and reading, and credit recovery courses. These programs are monitored as part of the RTI (Response to Intervention)/ MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) process.


The Lee County School System has a drive for excellence and a passion for distinction in providing challenging educational experiences for all students.


We believe in…

    • 1. investing in our students through strong partnerships between home, school, and community.
    • 2. providing each student a quality and challenging education through engaging learning opportunities.
    • 3. ensuring everyone an environment in which they feel safe, valued, and nurtured.
    • 4. offering opportunities for students to be successful through highly effective teachers and targeted resources.
    • 5. preparing our graduates with the academic, social and work skills necessary to be productive citizens in school and life.
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