Graduation to be held May 28th

An in-person graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021 will be held on May 28th at 6:30 pm at the Lee County High School Stadium pending final guidance from local/state officials and healthcare experts. Due to continued restrictions at the Albany Civic Center (max of 162 graduates allowed on the floor per ceremony), it is impossible to host one graduation with all of our seniors at the Civic Center. However, we are looking forward to celebrating this moment with you and your guests on our Trojan Field!

As safety and security remain the district's number one priority, additional rules, procedures and expectations will be implemented to ensure that students, staff, and attendees are safe and healthy. Please note the following protocol for this event: 

  • The stadium gates will open at 5:30 pm. Please plan to arrive by 6:00 pm. All family groups must arrive together. When possible, please arrive in one vehicle to ensure all participants are able to park on campus. 

  • Each graduate will be allowed to enter the stadium with six guests. The graduate will serve as the “ticket” for his/her guest(s). Additional individuals will not be allowed to enter the stadium. 

    • We have limited the number of guests out of respect for our at-risk families. We understand they will be unable to watch their child graduate in person if we do not limit the number of people attending. 

    • We will be providing live stream access to the ceremony for guests who are unable to attend.

    • Cones will be placed outside the ticket booth to ensure social distancing is maintained as graduates and their guests enter the stadium. 

    • Upon entering the stadium, guests will be allowed to sit on the home or visitor side. Please alternate rows when sitting in the stands. 

    • Attendees will be expected to remain in their designated seating area until the conclusion of the graduation ceremony. Guests will not be allowed to congregate in the walkway or concession areas. Attendees will not be permitted on the field before, during, or after the graduation ceremony. 

    • Recessional: At the end of the ceremony, the graduates will recess off of the field and into the building. Once the graduates have cleared the field, the audience will be dismissed through the ticket gates. No one will be allowed on the field or inside the building after the ceremony. 

  • Graduates will be positioned on the field in compliance with social distancing guidelines. 

    • We are placing labels with your names on the chairs. As you arrive, please locate your seat on the field by 6:00 pm and remain seated until the ceremony begins. 

    • If you do not attend the mandatory practice, your chair will be removed for additional spacing. 

  • Mandatory practice: May 28th at 8:00 am

    • Park in the student parking lot.

    • Labels will be in the chairs. Please find your chair and have a seat.

    • We will provide directions throughout the morning. 

    • Wear sunscreen and bring water to drink. 

    • Before leaving, you will receive programs to take home for your guests. 

    • Students must resolve any outstanding fees listed in the portal by May 21st. 

    • If you are running a fever, not feeling well, have recently taken a COVID-19 test and are awaiting results, or are in a high-risk category, we ask that you please remain at home.

  • All graduates will wear the official Lee County High School cap and gown provided by Jostens. Hanging the gown on a clothes hanger several days prior to graduation will eliminate wrinkles. The gown should not be ironed. 

  • Girls should wear a solid-colored dress and black dress shoes or sandals (no tennis shoes, boots, or flip-flops. Caution: high heels catch in the turf and you may fall).

  • Boys should wear dress pants (no jeans), white shirt, dark solid tie, socks, and dress shoes.

  • Only school-approved honor cords, stoles, or medals may be worn during the ceremony.  No other accessories are allowed. 

  • Administrators will make sure each senior‘s attire is appropriate. HATS - should not be decorated.

  • Additional information: 

    • Guests - The building will not be open during this event.

    • Graduates and guests are strongly encouraged to wear masks and gloves and to maintain social distancing.

    • It will be very warm. Graduates and guests may bring water in a water bottle, but no coolers will be permitted in the stadium. 

  • Re-entry to the venue will be prohibited. 

  • We will monitor the weather and provide alternate plans, if necessary.

The graduation ceremony experience may be different from years past; however, we are committed to ensuring that it is memorable for our seniors and their families in light of necessary restrictions. We look forward to seeing and celebrating the LCHS Class of 2021.

Please let us know if you have any questions, 

Dr. Karen L. Hancock, LCHS Principal


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