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The Lee County High School Counseling and Guidance Department offers a group of services designed to assist students to develop their talents and capabilities and to benefit from the school's educational program.

Counselors assist students in planning for both the present and the future and help students become self-directing and responsible school citizens. We encourage parents to be active in the student's planning process. The responsibility to make decisions ultimately belongs to the parents and students. Counselors are available for consultation regarding:

  • Appropriate Course Selection
  • Post High School Planning
  • Personal and School Problems
  • College and Job Recommendations
  • Testing Information and Interpretation

The major function of the school counselor is to help all students with growth in self- understanding, developing interpersonal, problem solving, and decision-making skills and occupational awareness. This is accomplished through classroom guidance, large and small group sessions, and individual counseling. The program is designed to be sequential and preventive in nature. It provides assistance and support to students in developing and implementing competencies for academic and career success. The program also provides mechanisms for assisting individuals with resolution of problems which inhibit healthy development and academic achievement. The guidance program is responsible for assisting students in developing and maintaining the skills needed to:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can my student arrange to see his/her counselor?
  • Students may go to the guidance office during breaks, lunch, before/after school to see a counselor. If the counselor is unavailable at that time, appointment slips are available. Drop the completed slip in the appropriate counselor’s box. The counselor will see you as soon as possible.
  • Do students have the same counselor for three years?
  • Yes. Counselors move up with students each year until the student graduates.
  • How can I get a fee waiver for the SAT/ACT? Students who qualify for a free or reduced price lunch are eligible for a fee waiver. See your counselor to take care of this.
  • How can I get a copy of my transcript?  Go to your Parent Portal account and click on reports.
  • How do I send my transcript to a college?  1) For in-state colleges, click here, and follow the directions  2) For out-of-state colleges, come to the guidance office and sign up on the clipboard in the Guidance office.
  • Where should I look for scholarships? Click here to search for scholarships.  Check with the financial aid office of any colleges you are considering.  Conduct a national search at or  Find local scholarships on the Available Scholarships tab located under Counselor on the LCHS website.