Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS)

Last Updated: 7/7/2021 6:54 PM

What is PBIS?

 Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is a general term that refers to the application of positive interventions and system changes to achieve socially important behavior change.  It is based on a problem-solving model and aims to prevent inappropriate behavior through teaching and reinforcing appropriate behaviors.

Because East is Beast and Lee County Middle East Trojans Roar, “ROAR” (Responsible, Ownership, Attitude, Respectful) was adopted as our PBIS framework.

  • ROAR is the teaching/learning component of our PBIS program.
  • The ROAR framework addresses appropriate student behavior in different school environments.
  • ROAR rubrics are posted throughout the school to remind students of appropriate behavior in different locations.

Role of the team

  • Monitor the implementation of the PBIS program
  • Review discipline data and develop interventions to address specific school needs
  • Organize school-wide reward activities
  • Provide classroom support to teachers

PBIS Interventions

  • Student and Teacher Mentor Programs
  • Counseling sessions
  • Team building activities
  • Monthly school-wide behavioral lesson plans
  • Student and Teacher recognition (PBIS Individual Reward System, Student of the Month, Teacher of the Month)
  • Assistance with classroom management or managing a specific student’s behavior
  • Resource intervention banks to address the behavioral needs of students
  • Behavior Intervention Plans for students as needed


Teachers: Ashley Hancock, Hannah Tatom, Brian Bush, Kellie Nix, Ansley Carlton, Rachel Foor, Rita Reynolds, Ashton Cleveland, Lesley Smith

Parent: Jennifer Hammond

Connections: Marri Haggerty 

Media Specialist: Pam Johnson

Counselor: Haley Miller

Administrator: Calvin Poole and Erin Peavy

Coach: Katie Spurlock


LCMS-E PBIS Reward System


Students who have NO marks on their behavior card or on the missing assignment page in their student agenda during the 2 week period will receive a reward from administration.



Students who have NO referrals and ≤ 3 unexcused absences during the 4 ½ week period will have the opportunity to choose an activity of their choice listed below:

*Sporting Event (TBD)

*Outside Time- Free Play w/ Friends

*Technology Pass for Music or Gaming (NO SOCIAL MEDIA)


Students who have NO referrals constituting ISS or OSS and ≤ 10 absences during the year will have the opportunity to attend an ALL DAY end-of-year bash.  There will be various inflatables and water activities. Students will have a picnic lunch and concessions will be available.

PBIS Individual Reward System

Students will be rewarded points for displaying positive behavior throughout the school all year. Students who reach a certain amount of points will be put into a drawing where they can win numerous prizes including but are not limited to:

*Free Snack/Ice Cream

*Free Homework Pass

*Eat Lunch with a Friend

* Free Ticket to a Lee County Sporting Event

**Behavior incidents and absence requirements will start over at the end of every 4 ½ weeks. (Progress Reports and Report Cards)