Team Configurations

Last Updated: 6/11/2019 7:54 PM

General Information:

Regardless of a team’s configuration, each team is heterogeneously grouped. This means that the teams will have an equal distribution of above grade level, on grade level, and below grade level students. The teams are also balanced based on race and gender so that the teams reflect the school’s overall diversity.

Traditional Teams:

What LCMS West calls “traditional” teams are those three or four-man, grade-specific teams. The students placed on these teams stay together for one year and rotate to another traditional team each year during their time at LCMS.

Gifted students are served through advanced content and clustering on these teams. These teams may also serve Title I, 504, and identified special-education students.

Because of the off-grade level curriculum rotations, parents whose students are placed on this team need to be aware of the difficulties faced when students transfer to schools outside the system and/or wish to be transferred off the team. Parents of students chosen as possible candidates for this team must attend a meeting regarding the unique characteristics of this team.

Gifted students placed on this team are served through the cluster model. Title I, 504, and special–education students may also be served on the multi-age team.