Media Center

Last Updated: 9/15/2020 1:27 PM

The Media Center at Lee County Primary School is a fun place to visit. Classes visit the Media Center for story time, stations, and to check out books. During story time, we usually focus on the mindset of the month.  We read a book that illustrates the mindset and discuss how we can apply that mindset at school and at home. Our media center is a busy place. While classes are taking place, we also have individual students coming independently to browse shelves and check out books. The ability to choose your own book is important for fostering a child's desire to read so please be supportive of whatever book your child brings home.


Follett Destiny


Circulation Policies

  • Kindergarten students check out one book per week when they come to the media center with their class.  After learning all 62 sight words, they are allowed to come individually.
  • First graders are allowed to have 2 books out at a time, teacher permitting.
  • Second graders  are allowed to have 2 books out at a time 

No fines are given for overdue books. However, fines are given for damages to books such as writing in the book, tearing pages, and getting the book wet. Also, all lost books must be paid for.




Connie VanBrackle

Media Specialist

Florence Usry

Media Clerk