Lee County Primary School

"A Very Special Place to Learn"

School Information

282 Magnolia Avenue North
Leesburg, GA 31763 

Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm

Student Handbook
LCSS Report Card


Principal:Debbie DeVane

Lee County School System Purpose Statement:

A school system with a passion for excellence and distinction that promotes quality instruction, maximizes the potential for all learners and provides a safe learning environment.

School Facts

2007 Georgia School of Excellence in Student Achievement

  • Points of Pride
    • AYP 7 years in a row
    • Accredited by the Georgia Accreditation Commission
    • In Spring 2010, 97.5% of students in 1st and 2nd grade met or exceeded Georgia Performance Standards in Reading.
    • 96% of students in 1st and 2nd grade met or exceeded GPS in Math.
  • Approximate number of Students:
    • Kindergarten: 215
    • 1st Grade: 220
    • 2nd Grade: 242
  • Number of teachers: 49 Teachers with 1 counselor and 13 paraprofessionals
    • 65% of the faculty have advanced degrees
    • 100% Highly Qualified Teachers
    • Average class size is 21 students
  • Number of classrooms: 32 Homerooms
  • Amenities:33 acres, a gym and an auditorium
  • Computers and Technology
    • State of the art computer lab with Smart board
    • Internet accessible computers with video data projectors and large screens in every classroom on campus
    • Support by onsite technology specialist
  • School Highlights
    • Strong focus on academics
    • Standards based report cards for K-2
    • Closed Circuit TV - Morning Show hosted by 2nd grade students
    • School wide discipline program: Positive Behavior Support
    • Ongoing communication through newsletters and website
  • Special Services and Programs
    • ESOL Program
    • Special Education Services
    • Gifted Program
    • Counselor
    • Science Labs
    • Extended day program until 6pm

Our History

Lee County Primary School is located in rural Lee County. The school was established in 1986 and originally housed all kindergarten, first, and second grade students. Due to a tremendous growth in the county's school age population in 1996, an additional primary school was built to serve students in the east zone of the county. LCPS serves students who live in the west zone of the county.
Lee County Primary School is a very special place to learn. It provides challenging educational experiences that involve the students, faculty, parents and community. With a spirit of cooperation, everyone works together to achieve personal and educational goals, allowing Lee County Primary School to maintain its strong commitment to excellence.