Mandatory Uniform Dress Code Policy

Last Updated: 2/20/2019 4:48 PM

Uniform student dress is a major factor in appropriate school conduct and success. Students are in school to learn, and clothing that disrupts the learning environment will not be tolerated.

The main element of the dress code is to avoid anything that would cause undue attention to the student that may cause disruptions in the classroom. The dress code requirements are applicable any time the student is on the TLC campus. All students enrolled in the TLC are responsible for adhering to the uniform student dress code. There will be no exceptions.


  • All clothing must be neat, clean, and well fitting.
  • All clothing must conceal undergarments
  • “Regular” clothing i.e. shorts; jeans, etc. may not be worn under uniform



  • Type: golf/tennis/polo-style shirt with collar and long or short sleeves
  • Colors: solid green, white, or yellow, no logos
  • How worn: tucked in while on campus, including while on the school bus and at the bus stop.
  • Undershirts must be white if worn
  • No colored undershirts are allowed



  • Type: slacks, measured to fit, no cargo pants, no extra outside pockets, no slits, no rivets, must be hemmed (females may wear a khaki knee-length skirt if their Religious convictions require) no shorts, no capris.
  • Colors: khaki (tan)
  • How worn: worn at the natural waistline, belt must be worn through the loops, visible and with open buckle. No western or oversized buckles.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Sagging pants are a violation of the dress code. Students who wear pants that are too big in the waist will be tied with zip ties.



  • Type: athletic/tennis shoes or fully closed dress shoes (no boots, sandals, or heels)
  • Colors: no requirements
  • How worn: with athletic socks, laced and tied. (No separate colored socks)



  • Belts: Black or brown leather. No western or oversized buckles. No Metal Rivets or studs.
  • Coats or jackets must zip/button/snap from top to bottom. Hoodies must be removed before going to class.
  • All coats, jackets, or other outer garments must be removed when the student enters the building. No trench coats or other jackets that extend below mid-thigh.
  • A single wristwatch may be worn
  • Makeup may not be brought on campus, but may be worn.
  • Females may carry necessary feminine items in purses which are kept in the office.


Non-permitted Items

Items not necessary to school/nonpermitted items will be confiscated. PARENT WILL BE CALLED TO PICK UP THESE ITEMS These include, but are not limited to the following items:

  • Cell phones, pagers, radios, CD players, I-pods, MP3 players, or other electronic devices.
  • Hats, caps, wave caps, hair curlers, do-rags, ear warmers, or other head attire.
  • Bandanas
  • Book bags
  • Combs, brushes, picks, fingernail polish
  • Make-up
  • No book-bags/backpacks. Purses big enough to carry textbook and folders may not be brought to school.



Physical Appearance

Males Females
Afros not to exceed 2 inches of bulk No extreme hair styles
No unnatural hair coloring One pair of earrings (worn only in the ear lobe)
Braided hair must be neat and short No unnatural hair coloring
No beads, dreadlocks, or extensions No fingernail polish
Fingernails must be blunt and clipped to 1/4” or less beyond fingertips
Hair length-top of ears, collar, eyebrows,  
Hair not in student’s eyes  
No jewelry  


Violation of dress code:

  • 1st - Written Warning
  • Subsequent violations will result in disciplinary points where normal disciplinary measures apply; however, habitual dress code violators may be given 10 disciplinary points, or OSS at the discretion of the coordinator and administration.


The coordinator reserves the right to determine whether dress or grooming is appropriate. Students who violate the dress code are subject to suspension, and the absence will be unexcused. Multiple violations may result in an extension of the student’s assignment at the Transitional Learning Center and/or tribunal.