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Music class is an exciting place to learn. Grounded in the Georgia Performance Music Standards, students explore the wonderful world of music through singing, dancing, performing on instruments, listening, and composition. The basic musical concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and dynamics are woven into each creative class lesson. Students learn to read melodic and rhythmic notation. Music class is a place where every child can succeed and leave knowing they are special.


Music class is offered on a five day, rotating schedule. One day each week students have music, one day they have art, two days they have Physical Education, and the remaining day is on a rotation. The rotation includes keyboarding, media center activities, career exploration with our counselor and physical education.

Grading & Expectations

Grading is based on participation. Grades are notated by P=pass or F=fail on report cards.

Your child is expected to follow the school wide rules while in the Music Room:

Show Respect
Take Responsibility
Always Safe and


Many opportunities await your student in the Music class! Contact Mr. Stebbins for more information.img_music1

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Staff / Other Information


Cody Stebbins

Music Teacher