Frequently Asked Enrollment Questions

I have misplaced my child’s birth certificate. How do I obtain a certified copy?

Copies can be obtained from the state where the child was born. If born in the state of Georgia, birth certificates are available through the Lee County Probate Court. 100 Leslie Highway, Leesburg, GA (229) 759-6005.

More information on obtaining Georgia birth certificates can be found: .

If your child was born in another state, you can do a search online for the state’s office of vital records for instructions on how to obtain a copy.

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I have misplaced my child’s social security card. How do I obtain a copy?

The Social Security Administration has forms available on its website http://www.ssa.gove/ssnumber/ that can be used to apply for a new or replacement card. After completing the form, you may take or mail to the local office at 1522 West 3rd Avenue, Albany.

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How do I obtain a Georgia Immunization form 3231 and/EEDN (Ear, Eye, Dental & Nutrition form 3300)?

Contact your child’s (Georgia) medical provider or visit the Lee County Health Department located at 112 Parks Street (229-759-3014).

If you have completed forms from another state, you must visit the Lee County Health Department or another Georgia medical provider to have the information translated to the approved Georgia forms.

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Are utilities (water, garbage), telephone bills or cell phone bills accepted as proof of residency?

The electric bill is the ONLY accepted proof of residency. The bill must show service address, property address and wattage.

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I rented or purchased my home within the last 30 days and have not yet received a utility bill. What documentation do I need to provide?

Contact your local electric company to obtain documentation that service has been established.

Sumter EMC 133 Century Road West Leesburg, GA 31763 (229) 759-2291 or (800) 342-6978

Mitchell EMC 5807 Newton Road, P.O. Box 3486, Albany, GA 31706 229-336-5221 - 1-800-479-6034 229-776-3386 - 229-436-0070

Georgia Power 888-655-5888/

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I live with someone else and do not have electricity in my name. What documentation do I need to provide?

If you are sharing a home with another individual or family and have no bills related to the household expense:

Homeowner Residency Affidavit*, AND Residency Affidavit, AND Shared Housing Form*, AND

Current Copy of lease/rental agreement, signed and dated with all household members included on lease OR mortgage statement, OR tax bill AND current Electricity bill in the homeowner’s name, showing the property address/service address/wattage,


Two bills incurred by the parent that are received at the given physical address (credit card, doctor bills, bank statement, car insurance, etc).


Three NOTARIZED statements from neighbors stating that parent(s) and students are living at the given address. These verifications must be on a Lee County School System form (on website).

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Is there a way to pay tuition to attend a school in Lee County?

No. Only out of county Lee County Board of Education employees can pay tuition for their child(ren) to attend.

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I have received guardianship of my grandchildren, can I register them for school?

If enrolled by anyone other than biological/adoptive parents, you must have guardianship and live in Lee County for the child to attend school. You must receive approval from the System Social Worker before the child can attend school. Guardianship must be a legal document from the court system.

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I am divorced and my former wife has primary custody of my children and they live in another county, Can I enroll the children in school?

Only the parent who has primary physical custody of the children may enroll them in school. If parents are divorced, we must have a copy of custody portion of your Final Decree of Divorce identifying each person’s respective award of physical custody. You are responsible for immediately informing the school of any changes to the court order. Students must be enrolled in school in the county where the custodial parent resides.

If a father is enrolling a child, and is not married to or divorced from the mother of the child, we must have court papers showing him as the legal father of the child. If he is divorced from mother, we must have a signed copy of the divorce decree showing the custody portion.

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If I move outside of the county, will my child(ren) be able to continue going to school in Lee County?

No, your child needs to be withdrawn from the school they are attending in Lee County and enrolled in the county which you are living in.

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