LCPS Plan for Virtual Learning

7. Parents must agree that any assessments taken by their child will be done so on his/her
8. Students must meet the same promotion criteria as students attending in person school to
be considered for promotion to the next grade level.
9. It is possible that the student’s virtual teacher may not be from the school the student is
zoned for. Virtual teachers may teach more than one grade. (depending on numbers)
10. GSuite will be used as the platform for instruction.
11. Teachers will host a Google Meets session each morning at 8:30 a.m. where the teacher will take attendance for the day. This time of day will be used for announcements and
community building, and 7 Mindsets lessons.
12. Students will follow the LCSS attendance protocol.
13. K-2 students will have a live Google Meets session 4 days a week. Wednesdays will be used
for assessment days.

a. ELA: 30 minutes (Science and Social Studies will be embedded within ELA
b. Math: 30 minutes

14. In addition to the live teaching sessions, students will complete independent work for each
subject and upload to the Google Classroom. Independent work will be assigned
Monday-Friday. All assignments will be posted by 8am each day.

a. ELA
b. Math
c. Science/Social Studies: some additional experiments/activities may be added to
weekly instruction to meet the depth of the standards. Parents may have to pick up
necessary materials from the school if deemed necessary by the teacher.
d. PE/Art/Music: One special each day
e. Gifted: (If applicable)
f. EIP: (If applicable) will complete leveled readers using EPIC
g. ESOL: (if applicable) will be expected to complete 20 minutes per day on Lexia Core.
    The ESOL teacher will monitor time and progress for each student.

15. Assessments will be given on Wednesdays unless otherwise noted. Parents will be given a
Google Meets appointment time for their student to take the oral assessment one on one.
Paper assessments will be given on Google Classroom. Parents will need to print the
assessment and upload the completed assessment. Parents will have the option to pick up
printed assessments if needed. A large group Google Meets session may be held to monitor
students taking paper pencil assessments. Teachers will have one week to grade the
assessment and report grades to parents.
16. We expect parents to report to the school to obtain the child’s school supplies ($40.00
supply donation furnishes supplies and class t-shirt) (benchmark workbooks, journals, math
manipulatives, etc. before school starts)

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