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Telephone Directory


Lee County Board of Education

BOE Main Number 229-903-2100
Plant Operations (Maintenance and Custodial Services) 229-903-2210
School Food Services 229-903-2127
Leslie-Desoto Exchange(For Above) 229-759-6144
Transportation 229-903-2212
Transportation (Leslie-Desoto Exchange) 229-759-6131
Main FAX Number 229-903-2130
Plant Operations (Maintenance and Custodial Services) FAX Number        229-759-0079
School Food Service FAX Number 229-903-2135
Special Education FAX Number 229-903-2128
Transportation FAX Number 229-759-6132


Lee County High School

Main Number 229-903-2260
FAX Number 229-903-2291
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6108

9th Grade Campus Lee County High School

Main Number                                        229-903-3590
FAX Number 229-903-3595

Lee County Middle School West Campus

Main Number 229-903-2140
FAX Number 229-903-2160
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6142

Lee County Middle School East Campus

Main Number 229-903-3500
FAX Number 229-903-3521
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6142

Lee County Elementary School

Main Number 229-903-2220
FAX Number 229-903-2237
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6116

Twin Oaks Elementary School

Main Number                                      229-903-2240
FAX Number 229-903-2257

Lee County Primary School

Main Number 229-903-2180
FAX Number 229-903-2196
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6164

Kinchafoonee Primary School

Main Number 229-903-2200
FAX Number 229-903-2218
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6185

Transitional Learning Center

Main Number 229-903-3920
FAX Number 229-903-3925
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6108

Lee County's Georgia Pre-K Program

Main Number 229-903-2136
FAX Number 229-903-3997
Leslie-DeSoto Exchange (For Above)  229-759-6174